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Overview: Face it. In today’s competitive marketplace, just having a Web site isn’t enough. More and more people are logging onto the internet everyday, and if you want to advertise successfully, you should begin to consider the internet as your most important venue for getting your business noticed.

Certified SEO Services

Our expert Search Engine Optimization consultants are certified to provide your business with the latest advanced Internet Marketing Strategies that will increase your placement on the search engines’ organic results pages.

Imperial aims to create content rich search engine optimized Web sites by working directly with our clients to prepare informative Web copy. It is no secret that content is king on the internet. We aim to drive traffic to your Web site while eliciting a specific call to action from your users (the generation of a sale, a showroom visit, or even just supplying you with their contact information). Imperial can help you fill your Web site with as mush useful and informative content as possible by outfitting you with extensive keyword research services and article marketing campaigns.

Employing only White-Hat Methods for SEO

Imperial employs only methods that are safe and approved by Google and the W3C so that your Web site will never be black-listed or billed as spam from the search engines. Many companies pride themselves on raising your page rank quickly, but their out-dated practices are ultimately degrading in their approach and will get you banned from search engine indices forever. You must make an educated desicion before undergoing a Search Engine Optimization campaign. It is best to let certified experts like Imperial Software Systems handle your internet marketing needs.

Comprehensive Tactics

Our inhouse strategy involves a comprehensive site analysis where we examine your Web site so we can minimize areas that are causing you penalites while maximizing the efficiency of your semantic markup. Often times, this will result in a site-wide redesign that will immediately push you ahead of competitors with the leanest code and cutting-edge Web 2.0 styling.

Link Building and Social Media Campaigns

Our services continue with link builiding campaigns to boost your internet reputation and credibility. Users tend to click on brands they recognize and corporations they trust. We at Imperial can help you brand your business as such with our social media campaign. Once your content and information begins to get noticed and indexed on the internet, you will see traffic rise to new heights. We will monitor all the analytics for your Web site as well. The comprehensive service tactics of Imperial leaves you worry free while you generate an unprecedented number of quality business leads.

For More Information on SEO for your small business:

Please view our presentation on how SEO can aid in corporate awareness campaigns. For BJM Presentation, use this slide show.

When finished with our presentation, give yourself the free 10-Minute Search Engine Optimization Assessment.

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