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Construct a framework for your digital information

Overview: If your company needs to allow access to content or client information to many users - a custom built CMS can dramatically increase the efficiency of your business practice.

The Power of Web Content Management

Make your files and information available inter-office with a content management system.

Sharing information is easy with our custom server-based software. Our CMS is build-to-order, so you can tailor fit the application to meet your every industry specific need.

Control, Store and Organize.

Publish your content to the Web to enable a wider range of access to regional offices or world wide clients. A CMS can mimic your office exactly by setting individual user rights and permissions. When stored on Imperial’s state of the art servers, your information will be both accessible and secure. Most importantly, you will be able to track modifications, search and retrieve information, and publish content to the internet with ease.

A Client-Based CMS

If you plan on using a CMS to share customer and sales information in a centralized environment, then a Client Management System may be right for your business.

Features of a custom Web-based Client Management System include, but are not limited to:

  • Create unlimited contacts
  • Database creation
  • Generate phone lists
  • Generate mailing lists
  • Generate email lists
  • Receive client feedback
  • Record invoices
  • Generate price quotes
  • Receive business leads
  • Broadcast email messages
  • Filter search queries
  • Sort and filter data
  • Organize information
  • Full software integration

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