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The Top 25 Real Estate Resources for April 2008

Overview: Breeding lilacs out of the dead land and springing informative articles from the Web, April's best of list targets the superlative resources for the real estate and land services industry.

Best of the Web - April 2008

A great resource for land service companies to test their online marketing potential through the art of blogging.

Real Estate Investment Blog

Provided by, you’ll find the most current information about the real estate industry and how to properly evaluate properties.


Russell Martin’s invaluable advice on financing and buying homes. He’s a residential mortgage advisor with PERL and he’s there to help you.

Carnival of Real Estate

The best blogs of the Real Estate Industry come together to provide you with a wealth of information. Reap the benefits of maximum community input and involvement.

Jim Crawford on ActiveRain

An Atlanta real estate columnist for gives you the run down on the latest industry news.

Flipping Houses

Billed as Real People Connecting to the Real World of Flipping Real Estate, Flipping Houses provides free access to investment real estate tips on maximizing ROI in the land services industry.

An online glossary of real estate, mortgage and legal terms for your inquiring mind and browsing convenience.

Real Estate Investment Advice

A publication of The Oxford Club that helps promote the true value of Real Estate stock and property.

Pension Real Estate Association

The premier association for institutional investors in real estate grants users access to objective forums, research initiatives, and valuable industry information exchange.

John Barker’s Mortgage Blog

A real estate expert from Oak Forest, Illinois answers your questions about mortgage and refinances. In this selection, he tackles the short sale.

Austin, Texas Real Estate Blog

Eric Bramlett, a techie and real estate whiz, lets you inside the Austin real estate market.

How to Sell a House in Over 6 Months

For a little humor, Ben Cotton provides you with a tutorial on an unconventional methodology for the industry.

Understanding Title Insurance

A concise description of what takes place in the settlement process and what to expect at closing time.

Title Rate Premium Calculator

Calculate title rate premiums with the exclusive online Title Calculator provided by Imperial Software Systems.

Finance Triangle

Tom Taylor of Thoma Capital Management educates end-users on how to achieve higher rates of return with his excellent blog post.

Buying Foreclosure Property

The Flordia Upfront Mortgage Broker gives you great tips on buying a foreclosure property. What to expect and what to be wary of. A must read.

Mortgage Application Checklist

Know before you borrow. Wade Young offers an excellent checklist that you can literally take to the bank.

Mike Jones on Active Rain

Another dedicated real estate blogger serving his community for the common good. A great author. A great blog.

Business Bankruptcy Blog

How are commercial real estate leases treated in bankruptcy, find out at Robert L. Eisenbach’s blog at Cooley, Godward and Kronish.

Jay Well’s On Settlement Cost

Jay Wells expounds on the confusing concept of mortgage closing and how to reduce the many fees involved.

Be Aware of Real Estate Handbook

Helpful Real Estate Tips explain closings, closing costs, loan origination and many more confusing terms to greenhorns in the industry.

Will the Market Correct Itself?

Paul McFadden from Exact Financial group is taking predictions on the resiliency of the real estate market’s current volatile status. “Your predictions please?”

The Dynamic Portland Real Estate Market

A blog based in Portland, Oregon offers up an informative hypothetical to educate end-users on why pricing is more important than ever.

The Dying Days of Print Advertising

The Real Estate Industry needs to shift its marketing gears says the Fairfield Vine.

Reverse Mortgage Loan Blog

Our list ender is a gem in the industry for seniors. A news aggregator on all things reverse mortgage.

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