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Companies Find Sales Boost with Search Engine Optimized Web Site Redesign

Standards Compliant CSS + XHTML = SEO Ready Web Sites

Overview: By employing the tactics of clean semantic markup and standards compliant source code, companies nationwide find an improvement of their Web site’s ranking in search engines’ organic listings.

Why you need a CSS Web site redesign

Massapequa, New York (ISS) March 27, 2008 -- Small businesses no longer have to weather the volatile economy in today’s technologically advanced marketplace. By successfully marketing your unique products and services across the Internet, a company can potentially generate new and authentic sales in even the worst of times.

While an arduous endeavor, Search Engine Optimization, when performed by a knowledgeable development or marketing firm, can bolster unique Web site visitors and increase your business’ online accessibility ten fold.

The first and most important step in this process is typically an entire overhaul of a company’s Web site. For Search Engine Optimization, it is required that a Web site be constructed with clean, standards compliant semantic markup. The most popular development convention to reach this objective is a coding combination of XHTML (eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). The benefit of this practice is that your content will be both totally accessible to the search engines’ Web crawlers (otherwise known as spiders) and placed in a higher position in your Web site’s source code. These principles of design, when coupled with link building and social media marketing campaigns, will ultimately result in a higher indexing of your site on the search engine results pages.

Imperial Software Systems, Long Island’s leading custom software and CSS Web site development team, recently relaunched their Web site [] according to standardized Web practices and carefully constructed content markup. After a comprehensive keyword research program and advanced link building and article marketing campaigns, Imperial expects to see an increased flow of business despite the country’s current economic recession.

About Imperial Software Systems:

Imperial Software Systems [] has been established for over twelve years, providing its clients with standards compliant CSS Web design and industry specific custom software. Web sites produced by Imperial Software Systems are Search Engine Optimized; and upon implementation, are able to undergo even the most extensive of SEO campaigns.

Jeffrey Olchovy, front-end Web developer and certified SEO

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