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How Much Can You Save?

Increase Revenue and Cut Spending with Document Management Software

Overview: As more and more offices embrace the technological advancements of our society, there is hope that one day the paperless workplace will soon become an industry standard.

The benefits of digital document handling

With the advent of superior document management software and the increased rate of corporate digital imaging, companies nationwide are reaping the many benefits of "going paperless." Aside from cutting costs on off-site physical storage space and clearing the clutter leftover from large filing cabinets, companies that choose to integrate their file storage into the digital realm find that their revenue increases substantially. As a corporation phases out the tedious hours of manual file maintenance, they find that their savings often result in the entire salary of one on-site employee.

Take this scenario for example: A well trained employee retrieves a file in seven minutes. If this employee retrieves ten files per day, then he or she has spent over an hour of their time searching and retrieving documents – A process that can now be automatically done at less than a quarter of the cost!

The Paperless Office Savings Calculator (available at can calculate the money and time a corporation will save by utilizing Imperial Software System’s EZ Doc Filer – the premier document management software for small and medium size businesses.

After entering in the data, the calculator will then generate the total amount of savings earned earn each day, each week, and each year.

Head over to and calculate the savings for yourself. After seeing the potential benefits of document management software, you’ll begin to ask yourself why you haven’t made to the change to a paperless office any sooner.

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