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Overview: As the number of legalities surrounding the health care industry increase, dentists and other health service providers often find it hard to keep their office free of clutter and paper-file storage. In order to maintain an efficient and well-functioning practice, patient dental records and all similar documentation needs to be easily accessible and properly organized. It is with utmost importance to all parties involved – the dentist, the patient, insurance providers, etc. – that a system for quick record retrieval and easy access is seamlessly integrated into the daily workflow of any given dental practice. With the advent of electronic document filing, unparalleled organization, easy retrieval times, minimal physical storage space, and secure client access are not only possible attributes of an efficient dentist’s office – they’re easy to achieve.

Custom Filing Software for Dental Records

A paperless office solution system can revolutionize the way medical offices function. Customizable software allows dentists to tweak a document management system to best fit their practice's needs. As the dental record structure is perhaps one of the most complex record systems in the medical industry, a customized interface will allow dentists to markup patient data and documentation with all necessary tags to assure that specific notes and records will be categorized, indexed, and preserved far better than any paper filing system could achieve.

It is necessary that dentists choose comprehensive document management software that can exactly mimic the way their office runs. Because confidential information is being exchanged between parties, it is with great importance that access permissions are able to be set into place for specific users of the electronic filing system.

Once the software is in place it is easy to catalog your office electronically by simply scanning, emailing or faxing all information into the system. Whichever avenue you select for your record insertion, all incoming documents are automatically sorted and organized into their proper locations. Extra field options for every document make it easy to notate and markup extraneous patient information. With the proper software system, you can keep insurance, medical, allergenic and radiology documentation inside one patient record without increasing the physical dimensions of your office.

When used in conjunction with a Web integrated system, you can allow clients to securely access all of their pertinent information from their own home. Think of how online banking works. Your client can have password protected access to all of their records. If you charge a fee for the release of such information, you can make their online access payable by a renewable subscription term. Once X-rays have been properly imaged, you can avoid the cost of expensive reduplication by delivering them through email, fax or remote access.

EZ Doc Filer is one such HIPAA compliant solution to help your practice achieve a truly digital office. A fully customizable document management software, EZ Doc Filer is the cost-effective way to simply your office and simply your practice.

Imperial Software Systems gladly provides its visitors with a free demonstration of EZ Doc Filer. No registration required!

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