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Overview: When you employ the services and solutions that Imperial Software Systems has to offer, you immediately gain an edge against your toughest competitors. Our in-house IT experts will help your company establish itself on its path toward the pinnacle of success. Read below for our recommended Corporate Solution Systems.

Small Business Solutions

Because our software and services have the potential for gross customization, Imperial’s recommended corporate solutions apply across all industries.

Imperial recommends the following package for small business owners:

  • Custom Web site with Web Integrated Technology
  • Electronic Document Management Software
  • Comprehensive Web and Email Hosting

Features and Benefits

With the package outlined above, your clients will be able to log on to your unique, professional Web site and have access to all of their information and files from the comfort of their own home! They will be able to generate and print reports of their activities, and they will even be able to place new orders or applications with your company via your Web sites’s new online user-interface.

When you employ the use of EZ Doc Filer (Imperial’s premiere Document Management Software), you will be able to digitally archive all of your customers’ files and information and make them available for remote access to your other office locations. EZ Doc Filer even mimics the permissions of your own office. For example, your billing staff will only be able to see accounting information and your sales team will only be able to access applications and client information.

As an added bonus, we don’t just build your Web site. We establish a domain name and allocate you extended storage space in our state-of-the-art data center. Also included in this package is email setup and a wealth of accounts for all of your business employees.

And as always with Imperial, you receive twenty four hour product and service support from our expert in-house staff.

For more information about this package, please visit:
Custom Web Development
Build-to-Order Software
Web Integrated Technology
Paperless Office

Due to the custom nature of our services, our pricing is project specific. Please Request A Quote for more detailed information.

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