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Overview: In today’s world, optimized workflow comes about by an efficient means of doing business. You need to seamlessly integrate your industry’s practices with a database of clients, documents, or any other large pool of information. Although your company may be part of a larger industry, your unique service proposition is just that - unique. Don't settle for software that is rehashed and reused by hundreds of thousands of companies across the nation who each do business slightly different than the next. Investing in build-to-order software will increase company efficiency while generating returns at an unparalled rate.

Software for a new age of business

Times have changed. Your unique services require unique application development in order to provide you the lasting power to edge out your competitors in today’s cut throat market. As a product of your industry, you have the insight necessary to direct us in the development of software that can help increase workflow and efficiency for your business practices.

Beginning the process

Custom development starts with a meeting between you - the client - and Imperial - your developer - where we try to get a feel for what you need and what you are trying to accomplish. Our expert programmers with help you throughout this process where we establish the requirements of your application and all pertinent information necessary to assist us in the development process. You can help us get a head start on this task by scheduling a meeting and preparing as much content and information as possible as to what you plan on achieving with your custom software application.

The sky is the limit with custom development

After we have gathered enough information about your request, we can provide you with a price quote and timeline estimate. Every project we take on is different in nature so we can not give base price quotes or time tables. That being said, Imperial has developed programs for all industries, across multiple platforms. Imperial Software Systems is your one stop for your custom software development needs.

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