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Overview: Our company identity is constructed moreso by what our clients have to say about us than what our own documentation reads. Check out the case studies below for an objective vantage point into Imperial’s services, skills and technical support.

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Campus Course Paks, Inc.

Founded in 1991, Campus Course Paks, Inc (CCP) provides a comprehensive, customized packet of required coursework materials to educational institutions in the Tri-State area. CCP built its reputation on offering quality products and exemplary customer service to students and faculty of highly esteemed universities.

A History of Profit Loss and Expended Time

Like many organizations, CCP spent countless hours and several unnecessary dollars to retrieve the data required to develop their product. A typical Course Pak preparation involved sending two employees to an on site storage facility to retrieve documents over a two week timeframe. At hourly salaries of $13.00 and $17.00 respectively, this search effort resulted in $2400 of company dollars that could have been spent in development, marketing, and other important functions. Once the data was finally located, it was then, organized, formatted, scanned, and sent to a separate printing facility to create hard copy Paks for distribution, requiring additional funds.

In order to meet company set performance quotas, 30 Paks must be purchased by students each semester. CCP faced a particularly difficult obstacle as students would share Course Paks in order to save money. This resulted in sales of only about half of their quota and an increase in wasted printing and distribution costs.

Document Management Software 101- Educating CCP

Frustrated with net profit loss and wasted company time, President Wayne Piskin turned to Imperial Software Systems and its team of highly trained specialists for help.

Imperial Software Systesms immediately uncovered several key areas where EZ Doc Filer could improve productivity and increase overall profits. Imperial Software Systems eliminated the need for storage retrieval by creating a customized database with a search criteria string specific to CCP’s requirements. Instead of two employees searching for information over several weeks, only eight hours of company time was needed to enter information into the new database.

Once the back data was properly archived, Imperial Software Systems installed EZ Doc Filer and imported the PDF Course Paks into the user friendly, intuitive online file cabinet. Within minutes, documents could be retrieved and ready for Course Pak development.

Imperial Software Systems looked to increase profits for CCP through downloadable Course Paks. Instead of compiling booklets which required costly printing, Imperial posted the product on CCP’s website (also developed by Imperial Software Systems) and allowed students to order in real time via credit card. Once the secure transaction was complete, students could then download and print the Course Pak at their convenience.

An A+ For EZ Doc Filer

By eliminating over 160 hours of data retrieval, reducing costs of printing and distribution, and freeing employees to better utilize their time, CCP realized major profit increases with EZ Doc Filer and Imperial Software Systems customized software.

“Academic custom publishing is a seasonal business which is tied directly to every Universities’ Academic calendar. We are exclusive publishers for approximately 350 professors from approximately 30 universities throughout the United states who order custom anthologies for their students each semester. The majority of our Professors are typically procrastinators by their very nature and so it is not uncommon for orders come in like a tidal wave between 1 and 3 weeks before each semester begins. To provide the highest level of responsive quality service, our professor’s have come to expect, we needed to provide immediate response to their requests for archived materials. Before we met the team from ISS, when professors called to request that we pull in some cases up to 60 articles from their prior course packs or even worse from our archived materials it would take two staff members up to 10 hours to go through our file cabinets and dusty boxes located in a warehouse facility and then compile, copy and then organize the material.>

“Howard Finkelstein from Imperial Software Systems had been providing network services for our firm at the time and saw the enormous stress we were under. He mentioned what he was doing for many local businesses to improve document retrieval time and boost customer responsiveness. He discussed at length his EZ Doc document retrieval system and how we would be able to cut staff, cut expenses and improve customer service. I was truly skeptical ostly because I didn’t understand the technology. I was equally skeptical and mostly confused as he described his database solution that would allow my staff to input client data so that we could link to the EZ Doc Solution for immediate access of our thousands of articles and professor records. I had worked with Howard in the past on our PC and network related issues and trusted his instincts completely. I gave Howard the go ahead and within 2 days his programmers had created a database and document archive and retrieval solution that would forever alter the speed in which we help our clients. Thanks to ISS we were able to grow our business substantially over the next few years while dramatically lowering our staffing expenses. I will forever be grateful for my involvement with the intelligent and creative team at Imperial Software Systems.

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