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Overview: Our company identity is constructed moreso by what our clients have to say about us than what our own documentation reads. Check out the case studies below for an objective vantage point into Imperial’s services, skills and technical support.

Client Case Studies

United Title Agency, Inc

With over 20 years of combined industry experience, United Title Agency, Inc. (UTA) provides full-service state-of-the-art title insurance nationwide. UTA contains unique expertise in title, real estate law, and banking. With Commonwealth as their main underwriter, UTC is totally committed to meeting their clients’ challenging needs.

Struggling with Storage Issues

It is well known that rents are high in New York. But what about storage rent? At $1000.00 per month, UTA found themselves drowning in unnecessary fees while their files collected dust at an off site warehouse. In addition, security and safety of personal information became a critical issue- containing paper in a warehouse left UTA wide open to liability. The fear of possible theft, flood, and fire worried the company’s office manager, Erica.

More Paper, More Employees, More Wasted Money

In order to retrieve reports crucial to completing a title search, UTA would send their employees to the off site warehouse once a week to sift through the paper mess. At 8 hours per session and an hourly wage of $10.00, UTA spent $320.00 a month per employee to accomplish what should only take seconds to achieve. Frustrated with trying to keep up with the demands of a competitive industry and productivity and wage losses, Erica turned to Imperial Software Systems for a solution.

Mitigating Risk and Managing Time

Imperial Software Systems conducted a comprehensive needs analysis to uncover key areas in need of improvement. Imperial Software Systems’ team of IT experts then created a customized software program to manage and secure all of UTA’s documents. With EZ Doc Filer, there was no longer a need for off-site, costly, and risk ridden storage. Employees were now able to search for documents in seconds with an application that integrated with UTA’s existing title database. And without the anxiety of possible theft, flood, or fire destroying critical data, UTA was able to focus on improved office operations while saving time and money.

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